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In the German-speaking countries almost all braille displays and braille embossers are run with character sets based on Eurobraille. In Eurobraille the 256 8-dot braille characters are assigned to the print characters of three character sets that were prevalent in West Europe in the 1980s.

Eurobraille is very different from the North American ASCII braille character assignment often used for braille files to be sent to embossers. For instance, the digits 1 to 9 are not the North American signs with the dots 2, 3, 5 und 6. Instead, they are formed by adding dot 6 to the letter normally representing the digit. Thus, to form the digit "2" dot 6 is added to b or 2 (dots 1 and 2).

The characters of Eurobraille representing the braille signs with the dots 1 to 6 are listed below.

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Eurobraille representation of the braille characters

Here, the Eurobraille signs are listed which consist only of the dots 1 to 6.

Some systems use a representation with "upper-case" braille signs which have an additional dot 7. For the affected signs theses alternative ASCII characters are listed behind the reglular characters.

The Eurobraille character with the dots 4,5,6 ("lich" in German contracted braille) is the delete character (ASCII 127). For technical reasons this character cannot usually be printed or displayed. Therefore, in braille files for embossing the underscore character (ASCII 95) (which actually has the dots 4,5,6,7) is usually substituted.

The first two columns of the following table gives the meaning of the character in German and in English (contracted) braille.

German English Dots     ASCII no.   ASCII character ASCII no.   "Upper-case" character
A A D1..... ASCII 97 a (lower case) ASCII 65 A (upper case)
B B D12.... ASCII 98 b (lower case) ASCII 66 B (upper case)
C C D1..4.. ASCII 99 c (lower case) ASCII 67 C (upper case)
D D D1..45. ASCII 100 d (lower case) ASCII 68 D (upper case)
E E D1...5. ASCII 101 e (lower case) ASCII 69 E (upper case)
F F D12.4.. ASCII 102 f (lower case) ASCII 70 F (upper case)
G G D12.45. ASCII 103 g (lower case) ASCII 71 G (upper case)
H H D12..5. ASCII 104 h (lower case) ASCII 72 H (upper case)
I I D.2.4.. ASCII 105 i (lower case) ASCII 73 I (upper case)
J J D.2.45. ASCII 106 j (lower case) ASCII 74 J (upper case)
K K D1.3... ASCII 107 k (lower case) ASCII 75 K (upper case)
L L D123... ASCII 108 l (lower case) ASCII 76 L (upper case)
M M D1.34.. ASCII 109 m (lower case) ASCII 77 M (upper case)
N N D1.345. ASCII 110 n (lower case) ASCII 78 N (upper case)
O O D1.3.5. ASCII 111 o (lower case) ASCII 79 O (upper case)
P P D1234.. ASCII 112 p (lower case) ASCII 80 P (upper case)
Q Q D12345. ASCII 113 q (lower case) ASCII 81 Q (upper case)
R R D123.5. ASCII 114 r (lower case) ASCII 82 R (upper case)
S S D.234.. ASCII 115 s (lower case) ASCII 83 S (upper case)
T T D.2345. ASCII 116 t (lower case) ASCII 84 T (upper case)
U U D1.3..6 ASCII 117 u (lower case) ASCII 85 U (upper case)
V V D123..6 ASCII 118 v (lower case) ASCII 86 V (upper case)
W W D.2.456 ASCII 119 w (lower case) ASCII 87 W (upper case)
X X D1.34.6 ASCII 120 x (lower case) ASCII 88 X (upper case)
Y Y D1.3456 ASCII 121 y (lower case) ASCII 89 Y (upper case)
Z Z D1.3.56 ASCII 122 z (lower case) ASCII 90 Z (upper case)
ge & D1234.6 ASCII 38 ampersand
es for D123456 ASCII 37 percent
em of D123.56 ASCII 123 opening curly bracket ASCII 91 opening square bracket
ß the D.234.6 ASCII 126 tilde accent ASCII 94 circumflex accent
st with D.23456 ASCII 125 closing curly bracket ASCII 93 closing square bracket
au ch D1....6 ASCII 49 one
eu gh D12...6 ASCII 50 two
ei sh D1..4.6 ASCII 51 three
ch th D1..456 ASCII 52 four
sch wh D1...56 ASCII 53 five
ein ed D12.4.6 ASCII 54 six
er er D12.456 ASCII 55 seven
Ü ou D12..56 ASCII 56 eight
Ö ow D.2.4.6 ASCII 57 nine
comma comma D.2.... ASCII 44 comma
semicolon semicolon D.23... ASCII 59 semicolon
colon colon D.2..5. ASCII 58 colon
un period (dot) D.2..56 ASCII 47 oblique stroke
or en D.2...6 ASCII 63 question mark
exclamation exclamation D.23.5. ASCII 43 plus
parenthesis parenthesis D.23.56 ASCII 61 equals
opening quote opening quote D.23..6 ASCII 40 opening parenthesis
in in D..3.5. ASCII 42 asterisk
closing quote closing quote D..3.56 ASCII 41 closing parenthesis
period (dot) apostrophe D..3... ASCII 46 period (dot)
hyphen hyphen D..3..6 ASCII 45 hyphen
äu st D..34.. ASCII 124 vertical line ASCII 92 backslash
ie ing D..34.6 ASCII 48 zero
Ä ar D..345. ASCII 96 grave accent ASCII 64 @, commercial-at
number sign number sign D..3456 ASCII 35 hash, number sign
dot 4 dot 4 D...4.. ASCII 34 double quote
ach dots 5,6 D....56 ASCII 60 less than
lich dots 4,5,6 D...456 ASCII 127 delete (but see above) ASCII 95 underscore
dot 5 dot 5 D....5. ASCII 33 exclamation mark
ck dots 4,6 D...4.6 ASCII 36 dollar
ig dots 4,5 D...45. ASCII 62 greater than
apostrophe capital sign D.....6 ASCII 39 apostrophe
space space D...... ASCII 32 space

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